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  1. Jeff

    Manuals. And

    Cary, I have a 1983 46 SS, so can't speak to your sun liner design, but I can say that mine does not have access to the water tank from the hallway either. In fact the only part of the tank I can see is the most forward part buy the ac water pump. God help me if it ever leaks as I'll have to tare apart the gust room twin bed to get to it.
  2. Would anyone be interested in attending a rendezvous someplace in Chesapeake Bay this summer?
  3. Jeff

    Failed Fresh Water Pump

    The fresh water pump has failed on my 1983 46 SS. I can't see the plate on the pump. It's a Keystone pump, is the only label I can see at this point as I haven't removed it yet. Anyone know what horse power these pumps are? The pump appears to be original. Any other brands recommended? Thanks.
  4. Jeff

    looking at a 1980 42 SS

    Contact Johnson and Towers. http://www.johnsontowers.com/contact-us/ I did this before my purchase and they had great information.
  5. Jeff

    looking at a 1980 42 SS

    Congrats on the find. Keep us posted and shoot a picture or two after purchase.
  6. Jeff

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day. We have duck instead of turkey, but all the rest of the trimmings. We'll be taking Ocean Dream out for some fishing Friday or Saturday...hope some of you get to get some on-the-water time this weekend as well. Cheers!
  7. Jeff

    New to the club

    Bohemia River...wow, you are way up there! I've never made it up that far yet.
  8. Jeff

    looking at a 1980 42 SS

    Before buying mine I talked to the folks at Johnson and Towers who installed the DD for Ocean Yachts. The 671 TI are great engines. I was excited when I bought mine that the owner not only had the owners manual but the service manuals for the engines. I have a 1983 46SS.
  9. Jeff

    New to the club

    Welcome Matt!! Nice to have some new blood. The boat looks great. We'll have to meet up next year. Do you keep her in the water all year? I have a 1983 46SS Love her!
  10. Jeff

    Help Please...Fresh Water Level Indicator

    All true. I'm fine with a "guide". I just want a working gauge so the wife stops running the tank dry. LOL.
  11. Jeff

    looking at a 1980 42 SS

    I also have the 671 TI's and at 1875 rpm I'm burning around 30 gal/hr. This gives me 20 knots. My tanks hold 580 gal. Hope that helps.
  12. Jeff

    Help Please...Fresh Water Level Indicator

    Thanks everyone. So far, the switch in the UP position (I have to hold it in that position) keeps the pump running so it will prime after running out of water. I'm still not sure what -if anything - is supposed to happen with it held down. Matt H.and rustybucket, you are correct. I found one of the wires broken where it attached to the sensor. This weekend I'll take another look at it when I have more time to determine if it's repairable.
  13. Here is something that could come in real handy for looking into heat exchangers or other parts as well as hard to see areas. Attached to your Android phone via usb cable. Amazon link below: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CL1QUCW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Jeff

    First Run of 2017

    The weather here in Hampton was wonderful Monday. Mid 50's, sunny and no wind. The bay was like glass! Couldn't resist...fired up the DD and went out for a short 45 min run. Dock neighbor took a photo of me backing in. Weather for Sunday is looking good except for some potential wind. Fingers Crossed!
  15. Jeff

    2017 Lower Chesapeake Bay Rendezvous

    Bump 16 views, but no comments?? Am I the only Ocean Yachts owner on the lower Chesapeake Bay?